Fly, Eject, or Die


Here is a sample from the introduction of my latest book available Dec 12, 2017 –

In the high-speed world of the fighter pilot, milliseconds can be the difference between life and death. The photo to the left has not been altered. It is a real pilot ejecting from a real airplane only milliseconds before it impacted the ground. How was it possible for the fighter pilot in the picture to make a life-or-death ejection decision correctly in milliseconds?

He didn’t.

Every day we are faced with a variety of decisions. What should I wear? What do I want to eat? What music will I listen to? Who do I want to spend time with? How will I behave today? We may feel as though we don’t have a lot of control over our lives, but each of us spends all of our waking hours making choices. Most of those choices are not life-or-death choices, or at least they don’t appear to be. But every day we do make moral choices that can lead to spiritual life or death.

Moral agency is the most enabling tool we possess.

The purpose of this book is to help you learn to use your moral agency effectively in difficult situations by applying the decision-making skills of a fighter pilot to your life.

(Captain Christopher Stricklin ejecting during an airshow in Mountain Home, Idaho, September 2003)