Fly, Eject, or Die! Advanced Spiritual Decision Making

Here is a sample from the introduction of my latest book coming soon –

The fighter pilot has three choices in any life-threatening situation in the aircraft—fly the aircraft out of the situation, eject from the aircraft, or die in the crash. He can continue to fly the airplane, provided that it will still fly, and eventually land it. He can eject and hope that the ejection seat and parachute work as advertised. He can crash with the airplane and most likely die. Even though it seems like the ejection decision is made in milliseconds, preparation for the decision has taken hours, days, and weeks. Training, preparation, and practice have prepared the fighter pilot to make a split-second, life-or-death decision.

Likewise, learning to properly exercise our agency will take preparation. It will take training. It will take practice. Like the fighter pilot, we will be faced with life-or-death spiritual decisions with only milliseconds to make a choice. If we don’t prepare ahead of time for that split-second moral decision, we run the risk of a spiritual crash.

The purpose of this book is to help you learn to use your moral agency effectively in difficult situations by applying the decision-making skills of a fighter pilot to your life.

(Captain Christopher Stricklin ejecting during an airshow in Mountain Home, Idaho, September 2003)